Open our OverDrive library

OverDrive is an ebook and digital audiobook library available to patrons of the Idaho Falls Public Library. With OverDrive you can download ebooks and digital audiobooks on your computer or mobile device.

OverDrive Login

You can log into OverDrive at ifpl.overdrive.com

OverDrive Setup and Borrowing

Do you need help setting up your OverDrive account? Download the setup instructions here or simply visit the Idaho Falls Public Library to get help from a librarian. OverDrive also has a getting started page for new users.


New for public library users … check out Libby! This app was built from the ground up based on user input. Libby improves on the OverDrive experience by streamlining the setup and the borrowing processes and adding several features. We highly recommend it! Learn more about Libby.

OverDrive Support

OverDrive Videos and Tips

Our OverDrive library is only available to residents of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. Nonresidents paying for an Idaho Falls Public Library card are not able to access our OverDrive library. The Idaho Falls Public Library does not currently offer streaming video content on OverDrive.