Open our OverDrive library

OverDrive is an ebook and digital audiobook library available to patrons of the Idaho Falls Public Library. With OverDrive you can download ebooks and digital audiobooks on your computer or mobile device.

Please note that our OverDrive collection is only available to county residents and city property owners. Nonresidents paying for an Idaho Falls Public Library card are not able to access our OverDrive collection. The Idaho Falls Public Library does not currently offer streaming video content through OverDrive.

OverDrive App

On a mobile device or Windows 10 computer, use the OverDrive app to sign in and manage your ebooks and audiobooks. If you have trouble using the app, visit the library or browse OverDrive’s online getting-started page.

Libby App

The Libby app is an alternate way to access our OverDrive collection. It features a refined user interface, support for multiple cards, and more streamlined setup and borrowing processes. Learn more about this app.

OverDrive Support Links

OverDrive Videos and Tips