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We have tens of thousands of OverDrive ebooks, emagazines, and digital audiobooks** available to library patrons living inside the City of Idaho Falls or patrons outside City limits who pay for a fee supported library membership.

Use your library card number to sign in. Use an internet browser or download the Libby app on a mobile or Windows 10+ device.

**The Idaho Falls Public Library would like to thank the Mae Neuber Foundation for their generous donation of $34,836.69 for Audiobooks that helps us fund, in part, our ebook collection.

Thank you for helping connect our readers to the library!

Visit the website to sign in with your internet browser.

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Learn how to download the OverDrive app.

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Learn how to download the Libby app.

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Because of licensing restrictions, OverDrive materials are only available to patrons who have a current library card with the Idaho Falls Public Library. The OverDrive app will no longer be supported after 2022. See below for details.

OverDrive App

Notice—The OverDrive company has issued an end-of-life notice for their original OverDrive app (uses this blue icon with a white letter O). Starting February 2022, the app will be removed from the App Store / Play Store. Those who already have it downloaded may continue to use it throughout most of 2022, but will eventually have to switch to the newer Libby app. For help with making this switch, please visit our third-floor service desk.

Libby App

With the Libby app, you can access tens of thousands of ebooks, emagazines, or digital audiobooks. Libby has a modern interface, is intuitive and user friendly, and—for those who share a device with someone else or who have access to more than one library—it allows you to enter multiple library card numbers. Libby is available for download on Apple and Android devices. Any device type with internet access can use the online Libby App. For instructions on how to browse the magazines in Libby, click here.

Download the Libby App

Download the Libby app from the Apple App Store.

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Download the Libby app from the Google Play Store.

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Access the Libby app online.

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Instructions for Use

For detailed instructions on setting up Libby on your device, please visit our Libby information page.