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Library Board of Trustees

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The Idaho Falls Public Library Board of Trustees is staffed by volunteer citizens. Trustees are appointed by the mayor of the City of Idaho Falls and serve, without pay, for a term of five years.

Our current trustees are:

  • Hal Peterson, Chair (2015-2020)
  • Claire Pace (2008-2018)
  • Mary Lund (2009-2019)
  • Rodd Rapp (2011-2021)
  • Kristin Hall (2017-2022)

Our city and county representatives are:

  • John Radford, City Council Liaison
  • Nancy Long, County Library Board Representative

Library Policies

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To read our library policies, open the links below (PDF reader required):

Policies are subject to change at any time. Updated policies on file in the library administration office supercede policies published on this website. Call 208-612-8155 for information about policy updates.

Mission Statement

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The Idaho Falls Public Library provides materials of popular interest to the community, emphasizes and encourages reading by children, supplements the learning and educational needs of the community, and furnishes timely, accurate information.

Board Meetings

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Our board of trustees meets at 4:00pm on the following dates:

  • January 26 24, 2017
  • February 23, 2017 cancelled
  • March 23, 2017 postponed
  • April 6, 2017 (view agenda)
  • April 27, 2017 cancelled
  • May 4, 2017 postponed
  • May 25, 2017 (view agenda)
  • August 24, 2017 (view agenda)
  • September 28, 2017
  • October 26, 2017
  • December 7, 2017

We hold board meetings in meeting room #1. The public is welcome to attend these meetings and give comment on items relative to the library. During these meetings, trustees listen to patron comments, set library policy and budgets, and oversee library operations. If you have specific questions about our library board meetings, please contact our administrative office at 208-612-8155.

Notice: Meetings may be cancelled or rescheduled. If meetings change, we will update the schedule above.

Meeting Minutes

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Official minutes of the Idaho Falls Public Library Board of Trustees meetings are kept at the library’s administrative office. Some recent meeting minutes are available online:

  • January 24, 2017
  • February 23, 2017
  • March 23, 2017
  • April 6, 2017
  • April 27, 2017
  • May 4, 2017
  • May 25, 2017
  • August 24, 2017
  • September 28, 2017
  • October 26, 2017
  • December 7, 2017

If you would like to request minutes not available online, please use the City Public Records Request Form.