Book Club in a Bag

Book Club in a Bag

Book Club in a Bag is a special library collection for local book clubs. The collection has approximately 100 bags; each bag holds 10 copies of a selected title. Download the list below to see the book titles in this collection.


Book club sets checkout for 6 weeks. Send a member of your book club to the library’s third-floor desk to pick up the set and distribute the books to other club members. Sets must be checked out from and returned to this desk. In other words, members of your book club should not return items separately through a library bookdrop, but return them to the person who checked out the set so she can return them as a set to the third-floor desk.

New Book Club Sets

Every August-September, the library accepts nominations for the next year’s new book club sets. Voting follows in October and the new sets become available for checkout in January.


Where can we find the book sets?
You can find our book club sets on the third floor of the library.

Can we place holds on book club sets?
No, book club sets are not available for request.

Can we renew book club sets?
No, book club sets cannot be renewed.

Can we check out more than one set?
Yes, the book club representative may checkout as many sets as her account can hold. Resident library cards have a 50-item checkout limit. Where each copy in a set counts against that limit, one set will tie up 10 of the borrower’s available 50 checkouts.

What happens if we lose a book in the set?
The library will add the replacement cost for the lost item to the library account that checked out the set. The card holder may settle with other book club members, as needed, to cover the replacement cost.

We can’t find an older set. Where did it go?
From time to time, the library evaluates the entire collection of book club sets and retires those that are no longer checking out. This means that older and less popular sets may eventually drop out of the collection.

If you have any other questions, please call 208-612-8460.