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The options below will help route your request to the correct library department.

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September 2020 – Why has this page changed?
The options above ensure your requests make it to the correct library department and are evaluated/purchased in a timely manner.

I don’t see an option for the kind of thing I’m requesting.
Just use the book option and select ‘Unknown / Not Sure’. Reminder: Don’t use this form for OverDrive requests, use the recommend option inside OverDrive instead.

I don’t know which age group my request was written for.
Select the option that fits the person you are requesting this for or simply select ‘Unknown / Not Sure’*.

  • Adult Fiction – Novels, graphic novels, and other fictional works written for general audiences, ages 18+.
  • Adult Nonfiction – Biographies, cookbooks, study guides, self-help books, and other nonfiction works written for general audiences, ages 18+.
  • Large Print – Books formatted with enlarged letters.
  • Teen / Young Adult – Any kind of book or audiobook made specifically for a teenage or young adult (YA) audience.
  • Children’s Materials – Board books, picture books, intermediate and junior fiction, junior graphic novels, junior nonfiction, and other books and audiobooks made for kids ages 0-12.
  • Movies and Music – Movies, documentaries, or television series on DVD or blu-ray; music CDs, and mp3 discs.

Do I use this page for interlibrary loan requests?
Yes, we initially treat all interlibrary loan (ILL) requests like new purchase requests. If we are unable or choose not to purchase the item, we will forward it through the interlibrary loan program for you. If you used a valid email address with your request, you will be notified about which option we are pursuing.

For ILL requests like journal or newspaper articles, use the Book > Unknown / Not Sure option and select the interlibrary loan option on the request form.

How do I get help with my request?
For assistance, call the library at 208-612-8460.

*May delay the evaluation and ordering of your request.