Renew Your Books

Picture of books lined up on a shelf

You may renew your library loans up to 3 times after the original checkout (unless another patron places them on hold).

How to Renew

You have three options for renewing your library loans:

If you have trouble with these renewal methods, call 208-612-8455.

When to Renew

Different types of library items have different loan periods:

  • Books/CD Books: 3 weeks
  • DVD/Blu-Ray: 1 week
  • New adult fiction: 2 weeks
  • Quick reads: 1 week

To avoid late fines, return or renew your items before their due date. Late fees are $0.10 per item per day.

Quick Reads (marked with a red sticker) cannot be renewed or requested. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To browse our Quick Reads shelf, visit our third floor desk in Idaho Falls.

My Item is Requested

If another patron requests (places a hold) on your item, you will have to return it by the due date to avoid late fees. Library staff will not override holds, even if you are unable to return the item on time. If you were not finished with the item, we recommend you also place a hold so it comes back to you again.

Still Unable to Renew?

If your library account has expired or your fee balance exceeds $12.50, you will be unable to renew your library loans. Click here to renew an expired account or call 208-612-8460 to ask about your fee balance.

Courtesy Notifications

The Idaho Falls Public Library offers courtesy notification services for patrons. There are three options available: phone calls, text messages, and/or email. These notification services will send pre-overdue, overdue, and hold notices.

We recommend you activate at least 2 kinds of notification in case one doesn’t reach you. We also recommend you print and keep your checkout receipts. Notifications are a courtesy service. You will still be held responsible for overdue fees even if you don’t receive our notifications.