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Children’s Programs

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Coding for Kids

Help your children learn the fundamentals of coding by signing up for these free 6-week courses.

Dr. Seuss Day

Join the Idaho Falls Public Library as we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Every Child Ready to Read

Give your 4- or 5-year-old a strong start as a reader. Parents and kids learn together.

Extreme Book Nerd for Kids

Keep their reading foundations strong. Engage your children in a year-long reading challenge!

Family Fun Day

Get out of the house and have some fun as a family during the December holidays.

Halloween at the Library

You’ll find just the right mix of fun and spooky at our Halloween story times and costume parades.

Idaho Family Read Week

Teach your children the value of reading by hitting the books together!

Santa Story Time

Break away from the holiday craze and let your kids experience the magic of Santa. Don’t forget your camera!

Super Science Club

Strengthen your child’s love of STEM with these fun, monthly gatherings.

Star Wars Read Week

Jedi, lightsabers, space ships, and cool droids … the force is strong with this one!

Story Times

Weekly story time themes, dates, and times at the Idaho Falls Public Library.

Summer Reading

Avoid summer slide and have fun in the process. Yay for summer!

Winter Reading

Because when the weather is cold, reading books with your kids just makes sense!

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Teen Programs

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Chess Club

You might already know the game; you might not. Either way, you’ll make new friends and learn something new.

Creative Writing Adventures

Writing is first and foremost an adventure, otherwise you’re doing it wrong. For teens only.

Extreme Book Nerd

Are you extreme enough to carry this title? A year-long reading challenge for teens and adults.


This is where your imagination comes to life!

Summer Reading

Even summer is more amazing with books. The snacks and cool gadgets are a bonus.

Teen Tech Week

Library resources to help teens succeed in school and prepare for college and the workplace.

Winter Reading

Sometimes going outside when it’s subzero just takes too much effort. But this … well, it was a better idea to begin with.

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Programs for Adults

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Better Living in Idaho Falls

Tips and support for improving your quality of life.

Blind Date with a Book

Take your chances on a new, printed love in our Blind Date with a Book challenge.

Book Club in a Bag

Bringing the resources of the public library to your book club.

Book Sales

Quarterly book sales sponsored by the Friends of the Idaho Falls Public Library.

Chess Club

Find a kindred soul and learn something new in the process. Sponsored by library volunteers.

Crazy Crafty Chicks

Enjoy crafty company as you work on your own craft projects. Sponsored by library volunteers.

Extreme Book Nerd

Fifty books in fifty weeks. Are you sure you’re up for this challenge? You’ll never know until you try.

Great Books Giveaway

Check out a library book and enter to win a free book set. Monthly drawings.

IFPL Book Club

Because books are better when someone else wants to talk about them with you … after you’re done reading, of course.

Journal Group

Tell your story well, and tell more of it, especially all those parts you never think to record. Prompts, advice, and inspiration.

Knit Together

Join a community knitting circle. Sponsored by library volunteers.

Let’s Talk About It

This is like a book club with a kick. Discover what reading can do when you take it to the next level.

Makerspaces for Adults

The Idaho Falls Public Library hosts makerspaces activities for adults each month when there is a fifth Wednesday. Why let the kids have all the fun? Come join us!

March Madness

Vote for your favorite book to help it advance through the playoffs.

Meet the Author

There are authors among us. You’ll meet several of them at these library-sponsored gatherings.

Parenting with Love and Logic

Learn how to leverage love and logic to be a stronger, more mindful parent.

Single Awareness Day

Book lovers unite this Valentine’s Day at the Idaho Falls Public Library.

Solid Finances Webinars

Tune into these monthly lunchtime webinars sponsored by a consortium of Extension Service educators from Idaho, Montana, and elsewhere around the country.

Summer Reading

Don’t let summer lose its magic. Give yourself a challenge this summer! Gift card drawings and prizes included.

Winter Reading

There is an answer to Idaho’s long, dreary winters. Brighten your outlook on the season with a winter reading adventure!