Audio Recording Room

Earphones and radiowaves

Unleash Your Creative Spark at the Library’s Audio Recording Room!

Does the rhythm of creativity resonate within you? Are you an amateur podcaster, a singer-songwriter in the making, or a passionate audiobook narrator? Then it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and step into the vibrant world of professional-quality sound with our fully equipped Audio Recording Room! Our library is more than just a treasure trove of books. It’s now a haven for the aurally inspired with our cutting-edge recording studio, a space where your audio ideas can leap into reality.

Just like our computer lab, our recording studio operates on a reservation system, allowing you to book a three-hour slot of focused creative time. You will just need to bring a form of storage media such as a USB drive or portable Hard Drive to save your projects.

Recording Software

Don’t let technical constraints hinder your creativity! Our recording room features a computer pre-loaded with easy-to-use recording software. Edit, mix, and master your recordings with ease and precision.

Studio-Quality Microphones

Sound quality matters, and our professional-grade microphones ensure your voice or instrument sounds as crisp and clear as it deserves. Sing, speak, or strum into our mics for a sound that truly resonates.

Versatile Audio Interface

Bring your instrument, connect it to our versatile audio interface, and let your music flow. Our interface ensures a seamless connection, allowing you to record any instrument with clarity and authenticity.

Sound Treated Room

Don’t worry about external noise. Our recording room features top-quality sound treatment, meaning the only sound that matters is the one you’re creating. Let your creativity take center stage in an environment free from distractions.

The library’s Audio Recording Room is your space to create, experiment, and innovate, with every tool you need to craft compelling audio content. Let’s make your sound heard. Whether you’re a budding musician, an aspiring podcaster, or a voice-over artist waiting for the perfect opportunity, your symphony of sound begins here.

Step into the Library’s Audio Recording Room. Let’s hit ‘record’ on your creative journey today!

For questions, or to schedule an appointment, email or call 208-612-8192.