Account Help

Common Fixes for Login Errors

Many account login errors can be readily fixed without visiting the library. Following is a list of recommended steps to solve login errors. Click any link for more information:

See also: What to do if you can’t sign into BookMyne.

The library’s catalog and account login page are located at Our legacy catalog is also still available (for a limited time).

Support Request Form

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To request help with your account, complete the form below.

Please note that the following, expired cards must be renewed in person and will require photo identification and address verification, as outlined on this webpage:

  • Standard adult or junior cards expired for more than 1 year
  • Temporary cards expired for more than 1 year
  • Nonresident cards (renewal fee required)
  • Property owner cards
  • Military cards

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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    If you need immediate account assistance during our regular business hours, call 208-612-8460.

    Use the Complete Card Number

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    When you sign in, use your complete library card number without any spaces.

    Account PIN

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    Please note: For security purposes, library staff cannot release details about your personal identification number (PIN) over the phone or via email.

    If you have forgotten your PIN, you may visit the library to request a PIN reset. Library staff will verify your identity before resetting your PIN.

    Alternatively, if you know your PIN but would simply like change it, sign into your library account, click the on the Personal Information tab, then expand the Change PIN section.

    What might this look like on my screen?

    Screen capture of the Change PIN accordion

    Clear Browser Cache

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    When you sign into your library account, your browser saves session cookies from our website. This improves your experience with the site. If you experience login errors, however, this means there might be old cookies interfering with the new sign in. To test for this, try signing into your account using a private or incognito tab. If you are able to sign in this way, then you should clear the old cookies from your browser cache.


    Clearing the cache varies by browser. The following links will help you find instructions specific to your browser:

    Please note: You can delete all of your saved cookies, but this will log you out of other websites. We recommend you only delete cookies specific to our catalog. To do this, find your list of saved cookies, search for, and delete anything listed.

    What might this look like on my screen?

    Screen capture of a cookie search in Google Chrome

    Open Saved Lists

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    If you used the My Lists feature in our legacy catalog, obsolete items in those lists could cause account login problems. To resolve this:

    • Sign into the legacy catalog at
    • Click the My List link in the top, right corner.
    What does this look like on my screen?

    Screen capture of the My Lists link in the legacy catalog

    • Open any secondary lists located under the Other Lists dropdown (Note: You may not have any secondary lists).
    What does this look like on my screen?

    Screen capture of the Other Lists option in the legacy catalog

    Simply opening these lists causes them to update and instantly remove the obsolete content creating the login error. All you need to do is open each list. However, to prevent future login errors caused by these lists, we recommend you clear them out completely and only use the list feature in our main catalog at

    Renew Expired Card

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    All Idaho Falls Public Library cards expire from time to time. Resident card holders can renew an expired card using one of the following methods:

    For cards that have expired within the past year:

    For cards that expired more than a year ago:

    Those holding nonresident cards will be required to visit the library to pay the annual fee before the card can be renewed. Those holding property owner cards or military cards will also be asked to provide documentation in person before the card can be renewed. Other situations may require in-person card renewal.

    What to do if you can’t sign into BookMyne

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    If you are unable to sign into BookMyne, let us know by calling 208-612-8460 or send us an online message.

    Please note: A deprecation (end-of-life) notice has been issued for the BookMyne app. Learn more …