Account Help

To log into your library account, visit or click the My Account link in the menu of this website.

The library’s legacy login is also still available for a limited time at

Common Fixes for Login Errors

Many account login errors can be readily fixed without visiting the library. Following is a list of common fixes to login errors:

Use Your Complete Card Number

If you tried to sign in with the short version of your card number and received a login error, try again with the complete number (no spaces).

Use the Correct PIN

Unless you have requested or set up a custom PIN, your PIN will match the last four digits of the phone number you gave when you signed up for a card. If you have forgotten your PIN, you may request a reset in person at the library. Library staff will ask to see photo identification before resetting your PIN.

If you know your PIN but would simply like change it, sign into your library account, then click the Personal Information tab, then expand the Change PIN section.

This is what the Change PIN section looks like:

Screen capture image

Clear Your Browser Cache

When you sign into your library account, your browser saves session cookies from our website. If you don’t periodically clear your browser cache, or if multiple library users share the same computer, expired versions of cookies can interfere with new login attempts.

To test for this problem, sign into your account using a private or incognito tab. If the login works, then you should clear the old cookies from your browser cache.


Clearing the cache varies by browser. The following links will help you find browser-specific instructions:

Please note: You can delete all of your saved cookies, but this will log you out of other websites. To only delete cookies from our website, find your list of saved cookies, search for cookies from, then delete any cookies that show up.

This is what it looks like when you search for and delete cookies in Google Chrome:

Screen capture image

Open Each of Your Saved Lists in the Legacy Catalog

If you used the My Lists feature in our legacy catalog, obsolete items in those lists can cause login problems. To resolve this:

  1. Sign into the legacy catalog at
  2. Click the My List link in the top, right corner.
    • Screen capture image
  3. Next, open any secondary lists located under the Other Lists dropdown—You will only have secondary lists if you created them.
    • Screen capture of the Other Lists option in the legacy catalog
  4. Return to the primary account login and try to sign in again.

Simply opening these lists causes them to update, instantly removing the obsolete list items creating the login error. To prevent future login errors caused by old lists, we recommend deleting these legacy lists completely and switching to the list feature in the main catalog.

Find Out If Your Membership Has Expired

All Idaho Falls Public Library memberships expire from time to time. To see if your membership has expired, do one of the following:

For memberships that have expired within the past year:

For memberships that expired more than a year ago:

Not sure when your membership expired? Just submit the renewal request. Library staff will let you know if the membership must be renewed in person. Please note that those holding fee supported, military, or Property Owner memberships must always renew in person at the library.

Support Request Form

To request help with your account, including library membership renewals, complete the form below.

Please note that the following, expired memberships must be renewed in person and will require photo identification and address verification:

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    If you need immediate account assistance during our regular business hours, call 208-612-8460.

    For additional help, please call the library at 208-612-8460 or use the contact form above to send an online message.