Account Help

Having trouble with your library account? We’re here to help! This page lists common fixes to login errors. For additional help, complete our support request form below or call 208-612-8460.

Expired Accounts

An expired account is a common cause of login errors. If you receive a message about your account being expired, visit any library service desk or simply fill out the form below. Otherwise, select from the other common fixes shown at left: Otherwise, select from the other common fixes below:

Support Request Form

To request help with your account, complete the form below. Fields with an asterisk are required.

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If you need immediate account assistance during our regular business hours, call 208-612-8460.

Please note: We process renewals manually. The speed at which the library can process an online renewal request depends on scheduling and other staffing constraints. Library staff will notify you via email once your account has been renewed.

Check Your Number

The simplest fix for login errors is to ensure you entered the correct card number. Please note that our catalog no longer accepts truncated (shortened) numbers. If you entered a truncated number, try again with your complete library card number (no spaces).

Delete Browser Cookies

Cached files such as session cookies can cause login errors. Clear the cookies from your browser’s cache, then try to log into your account again.

The way you delete cookies depends on the browser. For step by step instructions, search the internet using the links listed below:

When deleting the cookies, pay attention to the time range. Choose a time span that overlaps your last successful account login (or use the all-time option).

Please note that clearing session cookies will log you out of other websites as well.

Please note also that you can delete only those cookies generated by our catalog. Search your list of cookies for “” and delete any files that appear.

Update Your Lists

Out-of-date lists from the library’s legacy catalog can cause login errors. If you are unable to sign into your account, sign into our legacy catalog and do the following:

  1. Click the “My List” link in the top, right corner (see image).
  2. Open the “Other Lists” menu and click each list (if any) in turn.

After doing this, return to the account login and try again.

screenshot of the saved list feature in the legacy catalog


If you saved books using our legacy catalog, any that have since been damaged or otherwise removed from our collection remain in your saved lists. When you try to log into your account through our current catalog, these missing titles create a login error. Simply opening these lists in the legacy catalog causes it to run an update process that removes any invalid book records. The process is fast; all you need to do is open each list in turn.

To avoid future problems with these lists, we recommend you remove all saved books from your account in the legacy catalog.

Maximum Fees

Effective September 2019, the Idaho Falls Public Library became a fine-free library and all outstanding overdue fines were waived. The only charges left on patron accounts were fees for missing or damaged items.

If you have a missing or damaged charge on your account and the balance exceeds $12.50, you will be unable to renew your library checkouts. Return the missing items or pay the fees to restore your library borrowing privileges.

What’s my PIN?

Your PIN (personal identification number) is your account password. Library staff set this for you when you registered for a library card. If you don’t know/remember your PIN, visit any service desk on your next trip to the library. Show your library card or identification to request a PIN reset.

If you know your PIN but would like to change it, log into your library account, open the “Personal Information” tab, and expand the “Change PIN” section.