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Expired Accounts

If your library account has expired, you will receive an error message when you log into our catalog (account error – visit ifpl.org/help) or our OverDrive page (library server message – #your card has expired).


Renew your account. If you live in Idaho Falls or Bonneville County, there is no charge to renew your library account. We’ll ask you to confirm your current phone, address, and email and to tell us your notification preferences. You may submit this information online or in-person at our second-floor desk in Idaho Falls.

Notes: All library accounts expire, even when actively used. Resident cards expire every 3-4 years. Temporary and non-resident cards expire annually.

Out-of-Date My Lists

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Did you add books to the “My Lists” feature in our legacy catalog? If you haven’t opened these lists lately, out-of-date content may prevent you from logging into our new catalog. This is a common cause of login errors.


My Lists screenshot If you used the list feature in our legacy catalog, log into that catalog and open each of your saved lists in turn (see image). If you created multiple lists, you will find them on the right side of the page under “Other Lists”. When finished, log into the new catalog.

Notes: When you open each saved list in our legacy catalog, an automatic update process removes old records that cause login errors. This update process happens behind the scenes (you won’t see it). This means you simply need to open and wait for each list to load.

Clear Browser Cookies

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Screenshot of a Google Chrome dialogue box Browser cookies may also cause login errors. You may have session cookies in your temporary internet files that prevent you from logging into our new catalog. If you have trouble logging into your account and have already tried the procedure above, browser cookies may be the problem.


Clear your browser cookies. The way you do this depends on which browser you use. For step by step instructions, search the internet for “clear browser cookies google chrome” or “clear browser cookies firefox” (or whichever browser you use). The links below will search run a Google search for each browser listed.

Notes: Cookies are small files your internet browser downloads from the websites you visit. These files may store important information on your computer. Without them, websites like our catalog cannot create a “session” after you log in. What’s a session? A session allows you to navigate through our catalog without being asked to login repeatedly. It means the computer recognizes you as you move page to page. Cookies usually expire after a certain amount of time, but not always. Clearing the cookies will force your browser to download new files and, consequently, start a new, successful session.

Maximum Fines Exceeded

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If your library account balance has exceeded our $12.50 limit, you may receive an error message when attempting to renew your items.


Pay your account balance to/below the limit. Alternatively, for high balances you may start a payment plan. To set up a payment plan, visit our second-floor staff desk.

Notes: Late items accrue a $0.10 charge per item per day. If these charges grow to exceed $12.50, you will be unable to check out additional items until you’ve paid your balance down to $12.50 or less. Because we don’t accept online payments, you can only pay your fines in person (cash, check, or card) or over the phone (card).

What is my PIN?

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Your PIN (personal identification number) is your account login password. Library staff set this up when you registered for a library card. If you don’t remember your PIN, ask at any of our staff desks (identification required).

You may change your PIN through your library account.