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Extreme Book Nerd for Kids

Extreme Book Nerd Kids

Starting January 2 and ending December 21, 2019*

Kids, read 25 books from our list of 26 categories (download) and win a three-pocket canvas sling pack.

Sign up online or in our children’s library

Remember to pick up your reading log at the library

* Still finishing the 2018 challenge? You have until January 31, 2019 to finish. Plus, if you sign up for 2019 now, you may get to overlap books (see the details).

Reading Categories

Record the title and author for each book you read then ask a parent, teacher, or librarian to initial it in your reading log (no book reviews this year; see rules for details). Open the links below to see our bookmarks with suggested books:

  1. Book with a one-word title
  2. Book set before electricity
  3. Diary, journal, or memoir
  4. Book you found on a library display
  5. Funny book
  6. Scary book
  7. Book published this year
  8. Book that inspired a movie
  9. Classic book
  10. Book with a dragon
  11. E.B. White honor or award winner
  12. Book with a number in the title
  13. Book with a food theme
  14. Contemporary fantasy
  15. Book with a blue cover
  16. Book one of your parents read as a kid
  17. Book set on another planet
  18. Science fiction book
  19. Book with at least 500 pages
  20. Short story collection
  21. Graphic novel
  22. Book written by Avi
  23. Wildcard book
  24. Book recommended by a librarian
  25. Book you love … read it again!
  26. Book that is NOT in a series

The Prize

Picture of a canvas sling packThe prize for completing the 2019 Extreme Book Nerd for Kids challenge is a three-pocket canvas sling pack.

Rules of the Challenge

  • You must be an independent reader, age 12 or younger, to participate in Extreme Book Nerd for Kids.
  • This challenge requires you to read 25 books in a year. Each book must match one of the 26 categories above (you get to skip one category).
  • You have to read books that are 100 pages or longer.
  • You cannot count intermediate fiction, easy readers, picture books, or board books.
  • You can count audiobooks if the print version is 100 pages or longer.
  • When you finish a book, write the title and author in your reading log, then ask a parent, teacher, or librarian to initial the page to verify that you’re finished.
  • To claim your prize, bring your completed reading log back to the library before December 21, 2019.

Changes in 2019

There are two important changes to our 2019 challenge:

  1. It starts on January 2, not February 1
  2. The 2019 challenge doesn’t require book reviews

Since the 2018 challenge doesn’t end until January 31, 2019, those participating in the 2018 challenge can count books read in January 2019 for both challenges as long as the books match categories in both challenges. Click here to download the 2018 categories.

For more information about Extreme Book Nerd for Kids, call 208-612-8460.