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Extreme Book Nerd 2017

50 Books in 50 Weeks

There are 50 categories on the reading list. The Idaho Falls Public Library challenges you to read books that fall into each category!

Registration for 2017 has closed. If you signed up for this year’s challenge, you have until December 21, 2017 to finish and report your completion. Our next challenge will begin in early January, 2018.

idaho falls public library extreme book nerd year-long reading challenge

Reading Categories

Here are the 2017 Reading Categories. Each book you read for this challenge must match one of these categories. Available bookmarks are linked below:

 Download these 2017 reading categories


Extreme Book Nerd runs from
January 3 through December 21, 2017

Here are the guidelines for this challenge:

  • One book per category, one category per book, for a total of 50 books in 50 weeks.
  • Finish and report completion by December 21, 2017.
  • Record the books you finish in your reading log.
    • When you’re all done, bring your reading log to the library. Staff will review your achievements and note your completion. Remember, your deadline for this is December 21, 2017.
    • You can use any format you want for your reading log as long as you can show the log to library staff. Examples include notebooks, spreadsheets, written lists, and even websites.
  • Books you read for other programs and book clubs can also count for Extreme Book Nerd as long as they fit into one of the categories and you finish by December 21, 2017.
  • Adults can count audiobooks on their reading logs, but teens may not. Teens, however, only need to complete 25 of the 50 categories to earn the prize.
  • Participants who finish and report before the December 21, 2017 deadline may receive an exclusive Extreme Book Nerd zip-up hoodie (see below).

Please note: Official registration is limited to patrons of the Idaho Falls Public Library, but all book nerds everywhere are invited to follow along and join the discussion in our Extreme Book Nerd Facebook group.

The Prize

The prize for IFPL patrons who finish this year’s challenge is this steel-blue zip-up hoodie. It will have the Extreme Book Nerd logo printed on the front. It is a lighter weight hoodie than our 2015 prize, so it will make a nice additional to your collection.

Journal Supplies

The library won’t have notebooks available this year, but you can pick up printed tabs and the reading categories at our third floor reference desk or download them below:

Reading Categories:

Journal Tabs – PDF (use Avery 5963 or equivalent):

Journal Tabs – Microsoft Publisher (use Avery 5963 or equivalent):

Extreme Book Nerd Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in this challenge?
As in previous years, this challenge is for patrons of the Idaho Falls Public Library. This includes patrons in Iona and Swan Valley. Each participant must have his/her own library card. Other book nerds outside of our library district are welcome to follow along and join the discussion in our Facebook group. The completion prize is only available to IFPL patrons.

How quickly can I finish and report?
As quickly as you complete the challenge. Sometimes our staff see completed reading logs as early as February.

How long do I have to sign up?
Registration ends on July 31, 2017.

How do I report completion?
Bring your reading log to the third floor of the Idaho Falls Public Library. Staff at the reference desk will review your log and record your completion.

How do I know if a book counts for a particular category?
If you feel that a book fits a category, then record it in your reading log. If you’re not sure what category to use, ask a librarian or post a question in our Facebook group. And as usual, don’t forget about our recommendations on the bookmarks.

Can I read junior books?
In answer to this question, library staff will tell you to read at your level. Generally speaking, adults and teens are beyond reading levels found in picture books, easy readers, and intermediate fiction. However, at the Idaho Falls Public Library the junior fiction and nonfiction collections overlap heavily with our young adult collection. Many Extreme Book Nerd participants read books from these collections.

Frequently Asked Questions cont.

How and when do I get my prize?
Once the challenge ends on December 21, 2017, library staff will tally completion records and prepare the prize order. Because the hoodies will be custom ordered and printed for the IFPL, they will not be available until sometime in the first quarter of 2018. When you present your reading log to staff, they will ask what size you want and who will pick up your prize. If you plan to send someone else to pick up your prize, you need to tell staff who you will send. When prizes are available to hand out, each recipient (or designee) will be asked to verify identity by showing a library card or other form of identification.

I’m still waiting for my 2016 prize. When will it be available?
As soon as the 2016 challenge concluded, we started the ordering process. Because this process involves multiple people/groups on everything from purchasing to submitting finalized numbers to preparing to distribute prizes, it usually takes a couple of months. We expect to have 2016 prizes available for distribution during the first quarter of 2017. We will announce the distribution date on this page, in our Facebook group, and on signs posted inside the library. You are always welcome to ask staff for an update on your next visit to the library.

What if I move away before the end of the challenge?
You are welcome to finish the challenge. You will still be required, however, to present your reading log to library staff. When you report completion, you will be asked to designate someone to pick up your prize and deliver it to you. The library doesn’t ship prizes.

I have another question not answered on this page. What now?
You are always welcome to contact our librarians. You can call our adult reference desk at (208) 612-8462 or use our contact form to send your question via email.