Website Tour

Website Tour

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In January 2018 the Idaho Falls Public Library launched this new website. This written overview will tell you about the changes we made. If you feel lost on this new site, please carefully read the sections below.

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Main Menu

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Screenshot of the website menuOur navigation menu has moved to the left side of the page (mobile device users will find a menu icon in the top-right corner). To open the submenus, click or tap the arrow to the right of each menu title.

  • Use Library Catalog to search for books and movies to check out.
  • Open For Readers to find reading resources such as staff recommendations, OverDrive ebooks, interlibrary loans, reading programs, and more.
  • Open Learn and Research to find information about library classes as well as links to online libraries such as Rosetta Stone, Lynda, Heritage Quest, and Chilton Auto Repair.
  • Browse Programs for information about our public events and reading programs for patrons.
  • Open About Us to find our contact information, hours and scheduled holidays, mission statement, board of trustees page, branch library details, and Friends of the Library book sales.
  • Open Account to log into your library account and get help with library cards.

To return to the home page, click the library logo in the top-left corner.

Website Search

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If you don’t find what you need in our menu, try the website search at the bottom of each page. This is what the website search window looks like:

Screenshot of the website search bar

Search Example

Here’s an example of how a website search can help you. Imagine you came to our website to find information about placing a hold on a book. You don’t find that phrase in our menu, so you scroll to the bottom of the page and search for “place a hold”. The picture below shows one of the results you will receive.

Screenshot of a search result

Look carefully at this search result. Notice that the paragraph is actually a string of words. The search engine found these words on a page and displayed them in the order they appeared. That means the title of the page will appear first. So, for this result, the page title is “Library Cards”. Notice also that the phrase you searched, “place a hold”, appears near the end of this paragraph. This means the Library Cards page has information about how to place a hold. Click the “Continue reading” link to open the Library Cards page and locate the “Place a hold” section.

Notice also in the picture above that there are numbers under this search result. This means the website search found multiple pages with the phrase “place a hold”. Why does this matter? The content on our site is always changing, so if you don’t find your answer in the first results list, keep looking.

As a final note, if you’re searching for a book or movie to check out, don’t use our website search. Instead, you should use our library catalog.

News Feed

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Screenshot of the Library News feedPerhaps you’ve heard we have a fun new program for kids. Check our news feed for details. Perhaps you know that a new reading program is about to launch and you are looking for updates. Check our news feed. Perhaps today is a holiday and you would like to know if we’re open before you take the time to drive over. Check our news feed.

This news feed is located on the left side of the page immediately under the menu (see image).

Please note one important detail about this news feed: What you see is our most recent news. To see older announcements, click the All News link at the bottom of the feed.

Do you use an RSS reader? You can subscribe to our news feed here.

Screenshot of the quick access section on the home page

Quick Access

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As librarians and library staff, we answer the same questions over and over again. We’re happy to do this because we like to visit with our patrons, but to save you time, we’ve gathered these questions into a section on our home page titled How May We Help? The links are framed as questions or statements we commonly hear. We hope this section will be useful to you.

Site Map

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Our website has a site map. This is a list of every page on the site. We can’t put every page in our menu or it would be way too long, but we can list each in our site map. You might find this feature useful if you are trying to find something not featured in a menu or on our homepage. Open our site map.

Feedback and Additional Help

We welcome your feedback on our website. It’s here for you, so please tell us about your experience.