Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone poster header

With Rosetta Stone, you can learn to speak another language through interactive online modules. Rosetta Stone is a subscription-based service, but patrons of the Idaho Falls Public Library have free access to 30 complete language courses.

To Get Started

Step 1

Use your library card number to access our Rosetta Stone login page:

Note: Access to this page is restricted to library patrons only. Library card number required.

Step 2

Create an account using your personal email and password of choice.

Note: The sign in form is also the account creation form. This means that the first time you sign in, the system will create your account. In other words, the password you enter at your first login is the password you should remember for all later logins. (Forgot your password?)

Step 3

Now that you’re logged in, and if you’re going to use your browser to learn, click the “Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations” link near the top of the page.

screenshot of the landing page

Mobile App

If you’re going to use Rosetta Stone’s mobile app, you must first create your account using a computer or mobile browser. Follow the instructions in steps 1-3 to create your account.

Next, open and sign in to the app:

  1. Tap “Sign In”
  2. Select the “Work or School” option
  3. Enter your email and the password you created
  4. Enter the namespace provided by the library

The namespace is only available to library patrons. Call 208-612-8460 to request it. Please have your library card on hand when you call.

Forgot Your Password?

To recover your password, click the “Forgot your password?” link on the Rosetta Stone login page (see screenshot below). For all other support needs, please contact the library at 208-612-8460.

screenshot of the login page