Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

Super Science Club at the Idaho Falls Public Library.

Picture of an optical illusion in a glass ball

Join library staff at our upcoming Super Science Club meeting as we learn about eyewitness experiments and magical art!

Optical Illusions

Super Science Club
March 1, 2018
Story Time Room
Idaho Falls Public Library

Super Science Club meetings at the Idaho Falls Public Library are for school-aged children who can follow instructions and work as part of a team. Sign up is not required. Just show up! Questions? Call our children’s desk at 208-612-8457.


Our entire Winter/Spring 2018 Super Science Club schedule is:

January 18 – Origami with Kristina and Barrett
Simple to complex patterns to fold

February 1 – Fruit Salad Science
Fruit turns brown – Experiments in oxidation

February 15 – Let’s Stick Together
Magnets and how to make one

March 1 – Optical Illusions
Eyewitness experiments and “magic” art

March 15 – Wind Power
Balloon rockets and Airzooka experiments

April 5 – Gravity Art and Building
Sculpt, paint, and build experiments

April 19 – Digging Dirt: A Celebration!
Erosion and an edible fossil dig

Note: All meetings start at 4:00pm.