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Microsoft Excel Classes

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Class

Learn the core functions of Microsoft Excel in our 7-week certification prep course. After the course, demonstrate your knowledge by passing the Excel 2016 Microsoft Office Specliast core exam (77-727). This exam is free for our patron students.

Classroom Study

Learn in one of two formats. The first is a 45- to 60-minute class taught by staff in our library computer room. This format is best for those who like the structure of a class or who are new to Microsoft Excel. Class meet twice/week on Mondays and Wednesday at 8pm.

Note: We have updated our second session schedule. Classes will start on Monday, July 30 and be offered only at 8pm.

Session 1

  1. June 5 – Overview
  2. June 7 – Working with Excel 2016
  3. June 12 – Using Office Backstage
  4. June 14 – Using Basic Formulas
  5. June 19 – Using Functions
  6. June 21 – Formatting Cells and Ranges
  7. June 26 – Formatting Worksheets
  8. June 28 – Managing Worksheets
  9. July 3 – Data and Macros
  10. July 5 – Using Advanced Formulas
  11. July 10 – Securing Workbooks
  12. July 12 – Creating Charts
  13. July 17 – Pictures and Shapes

Session 2

  1. Jul 30 – Overview / Office Backstage
  2. Aug 1 – Working with Excel 2016
  3. Aug 6 – Basic Formulas
  4. Aug 8 – Formulas Practicum
  5. Aug 13 – Functions
  6. Aug 15 – Formatting Cells and Ranges
  7. Aug 20 – Formatting Worksheets
  8. Aug 22 – Managing Worksheets
  9. Aug 27 – Data and Macros I
  10. Aug 29 – Data and Macros II
  11. Sep 5 – Advanced Formulas
  12. Sep 10 – Formulas Practicum I
  13. Sep 12 – Formulas Practicum II
  14. Sep 17 – Securing Workbooks
  15. Sep 19 – Creating Charts
  16. Sep 24 – Charts Practicum
  17. Sep 26 – Pictures and Shapes
  18. Oct 1 – Review I
  19. Oct 3 – Review II

Class Rotations

We will offer our Excel certification courses on the following, annual rotation:

Semester Class Exam Time
Summer Excel 2016 Core 77-727 Evenings at 8pm
Fall Excel 2016 Expert 77-728 Evenings at 8pm
Winter Excel 2016 Core 77-727 Daytimes at 12pm
Spring Excel 2016 Expert 77-728 Daytimes at 12pm

Independent Study

Our second format is an online option that allows you to study from the convenience of home or work. This format is best for those who have limited time, who are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel 2016 (or with an older version), and who are independent, self-motivated learners. Learn more about our independent-study resources.


  • Idaho Falls Public Library card
  • Email account
  • Personal computer
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Headphones or earbuds (if you study in our computer lab)

Get Started

Getting started is simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. Do you have an Idaho Falls Public Library card? (No? Learn how to sign up)
  2. Enroll in our Community Education Program.
  3. Create free, online accounts with Microsoft and Certiport.
  4. Accept our invitation to enroll in our Microsoft Imagine Academy.
  5. Download the study guide (also sent by email invitation after enrolling).
  6. Complete your assigned courses.
  7. When you’re ready to test, call 208-612-8458 to schedule your exam.


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Once you complete your studies, demonstrate your knowledge by taking the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Core exam (77-727). Why certify?

  • It’s free, for library patrons (save up to $120 on exam vouchers)
  • Demonstrate your knowledge to an employer
  • Improve your resume and work prospects

The Microsoft Office Specialist exams are timed tests administered in our Certiport Authorized Testing Center, located on the second floor by our computer room. The tests are taken on a computer and proctored by library staff. Patrons can take the test as many times as needed to pass. Learn more about the certification exams on Microsoft.com or by asking your instructor.

For more information about this or other Microsoft Office certification classes, please call 208-612-8329.