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The Idaho Falls Public Library offers access to library patrons. To log into Lynda, click the following link and use your library card number to create or access your account.

Notice, May 10, 2019: Patrons can again access the Lynda video library using their library cards. If you are told to create a new password for your card, follow the prompts to do so. If you need access to prior playlists, course history, or certificates, please use our contact form to let us know. Include your name, library card number, and the course information in question. is an online learning library of more than 3000 courses covering 3D, animation, audio, business skills, design, coding and development, web design, cybersecurity, education, leadership, writing and public speaking, photography, video production, and more. There are also courses for popular software packages like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. These self-paced courses will meet the learning needs of beginners and more advanced students alike.

Library patrons may access the Lynda Library through the link above. On your first visit, click the “Create a profile” link and sign up using your library card number. You must use your complete number (no spaces). You may access from any browser on a computer or mobile device. If you receive an error message when you create your account, use a private/incognito tab or clear your browser cookies and try again. If you need to reset your password, call 888-335-9632, ext. 326. For more information or for help accessing this resource, call the library at 208-612-8460.

Access through the Idaho Falls Public Library’s subscription is not available in the Lynda mobile app. Use an internet browser instead.

The Idaho Falls Public Library maintains a subscription for patron access. and the Idaho Falls Public Library are not affliliated with nor endorsed by one another.