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Library Cards

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New Library Cards

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Identification Required – To request a new library card, visit our second floor desk at the Idaho Falls facility. Bring your state-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license or identification card). Note: If you have out-of-state ID, your library account will have extra limits until you complete the process of establishing residency and obtain ID issued by the state of Idaho. Note also: The library cannot accept student cards issued by schools or forms of identification issued by foreign governments.

Proof of Residency – If your ID doesn’t list your current address, you must also bring proof of local residency. We will accept:

  • Recently post-marked mail displaying your name and local address
  • A paycheck stub printed by your employer (must display local address)
  • An updated car registration slip
  • An updated checkbook register
  • A current city utility statement

We cannot accept rental or lease agreements.

Start Online – You may start the new card registration process by signing up online. To finish the process and pick up your card, however, you must then visit our second floor desk. Don’t forget your ID and proof of residency.

Junior Library Cards

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We have junior library cards available for children. An adult with an Idaho Falls Public Library card must be present at sign up and accept responsibility for activity on the account. This adult is the only person who may authorize future changes to the junior account and/or request that it be cancelled.

Minors, ages 16-17, may sign up for a card without an adult if they provide identification and proof of residency as outlined above.

Temporary Library Cards

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Temporary cards enable new residents to sign up for library cards during the 90-day window for establishing residency. Learn more about the process of establishing residency in Idaho (click the “Driver’s License / ID Cards” tab). Temporary cards have a 2-item borrowing limit and expire annually.

Note: Patrons on payment plans for high account balances will also have a temporary status placed on their accounts.

Lost or Damaged Cards

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You may request a replacement for lost or damaged library cards by presenting your ID at our second floor desk. If you suspect your card has been stolen, call us as soon as possible at 208-612-8460. Replacement cards are free of charge.

Nonresident Library Cards

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If you do not live in Idaho Falls or Bonneville County, you may purchase an Idaho Falls Public Library card. The current card fee for out-of-county patrons is $120.00/year per household. This fee is subject to change; prices quoted at the desk supercede amounts published on this page. To sign up for a nonresident card, you must visit the library in person. Valid state-issued identification required.

Military and Property Owner Library Cards

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For additional information about library cards for active duty military or property owners in Bonneville County, please refer to our circulation policy.

Expired Library Cards

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All Idaho Falls Public Library cards expire from time to time, even when actively used. If you receive an error message indicating your account has expired, or if you otherwise experience a login error, click here for help fixing this problem.

Card Holder Agreements

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In signing your library card, you accept responsibility for all items checked out on that card. It is your duty to report the loss or theft of your card to library staff as soon as possible in order to prevent unauthorized use of that card. If your card is lost or damaged, you can ask for a replacement card free of charge. To request a replacement card, show your old card or identification at our second floor desk.

Check Out Limits

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Library patrons can borrow up to 50 items at a time. Most books circulate for 3 weeks, but some newer items check out for only 1 or 2 weeks. Please print and check your receipts. Movies check out for only 1 week.

Remember, borrowers with temporary cards can only check out 2 items at a time.


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Fines are $0.10 per day per item. Account balances above $12.50 will lose borrowing privileges until the balance is paid to this level or below.

Can’t bring your book back on time? Avoid fines by renewing your books.

Payment Plans

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Patrons, if you have a high account balance and are unable to use your library card, you may ask for a payment plan. This will allow limited use of your card while you pay off your balance. Tell our staff when you set up the plan which monthly payment you can afford. Your account will have a 2-item borrowing limit while on a payment plan. If you miss a monthly payment or accrue fines while on a plan, your next payment will increase accordingly. If you don’t pay the increased amount, your plan may be cancelled and the whole balance will come due.

Account Notifications

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The Idaho Falls Public Library can send courtesy notifications to patrons via phone call, text message, and/or email. These notifications alert you to items that are due soon, items that are overdue, and items that are on hold and waiting for you at the library. To set up notifications, visit any of our staff desks.

Phone calls are available to 208 numbers only

Place a Hold

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Most items in the Idaho Falls Public Library can be requested. This means that the library will hold the item for you at the end of its current loan cycle. When the current borrower returns the item, we will put it on our hold shelf for you. Our hold shelf is located near our second floor desk.

To place a hold, search for the book or movie in our catalog and click on the “Request Item” button. Holds will be processed in the order they are received. Once you receive notification that your hold is ready, you will have one week to pick it up.

Renew Books

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Most items you check out can be renewed up to 3 times after the original check out. You may renew an item in person at the library, online through your library account, by calling our main number, 208-612-8460, or through our automated renewal system, 208-612-8198. Learn how to renew books on this page.

You cannot renew an item if another patron places it on hold.

OverDrive Limits for Nonresidents

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Because of licensing agreements, nonresident card holders cannot access our OverDrive collection.