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Journal Prompts, April 2018

Journal Prompts

April 2018.

What’s Happening Now?

  • Write one word over and over. Fill up the page with this word—except for 2 places on the page. In one space, write the definition; and in the other space, write why you chose that word for this page.
  • What was the absolute best thing you did today?
  • What, about today, totally sucked?
  • Look down at your feet. What’s on them? Why? What do you think about what you see down there?
  • Where you have lived before making your home in Idaho Falls? Which was your favorite place? Why? Which was your least favorite place? Why? And what led you to where you are living now?
  • What is in your purse/wallet? List everything that is in there and any thoughts you have about it.
  • Look outside and describe what “today” looks like outside your window.
  • Turn on your favorite music, set a timer for 20 minutes, and fill a page in your journal with whatever, however you’re inspired.
  • Journal about what you ate, where you went, and who you went with for lunch today.
  • What book are you reading? Why did you choose it? Where did you get the book? Are you enjoying it? How would you describe it to someone else?

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The Journal Group at the Idaho Falls Public Library meets monthly to share ideas and gather inspiration for their journaling efforts. Librarians provide monthly writing prompts to support the group.

Journal Group

Second Wednesdays of each month
Third Floor Table Area
Idaho Falls Public Library

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