Basic Computer Classes

Basic Computer Classes

Basic Computer Classes

Community Education.

Join the Idaho Falls Public Library’s Community Education program to learn the basics of the computer. This 5-week course is designed for beginners who know nothing about computers. We use the Public Library Association’s Digital Learn curriculum*. The Public Library Association is a division of the American Library Association.

Choose the “Basic Computer Skills” option on the enrollment form.
Note: You can also sign up for classes in person in our computer room.

Current Schedule of Classes

Unless otherwise noted below, all classes are held at 3pm in our library computer room. Classes last for 60-90 minutes. Our next round of classes will begin on October 31, 2018. For more information, call 208-612-8329.

Date Class Description
September 19 Mouse and Keyboard Learn how to left- and right-click and use basic keyboard commands.
September 21 Computer Basics Learn how to start and shut down a computer, create, save, and open a file, create a folder, and rename files and folders.
September 26 Internet Basics Learn basic internet terminology, how to navigate a browser, find a website, identify common domains, and stay safe while surfing the web.
September 28 Outlook Email Learn to create a free, Microsoft Outlook email account and send, receive, and organize email messages.
October 3 File Management Learn how to find electronic files easily by creating and organizing folders.
October 5 Computer Maintenance Learn common maintenance tasks to improve your computer’s performance, stability, and speed.
October 10 Cybersecurity Learn about common computer viruses, email safety, internet safety, firewalls, and other security practices.
October 12 Windows 10 Basic Learn how to navigate Windows 10, use the task manager, manage your files, and more.
October 17 Windows 10 Intermediate Learn more about Windows 10, including desktop icons, exploring settings, Windows Defender, installing and uninstalling programs, and using the Windows Store.

*These classes are open to library patrons and guests alike. The Digital Learn curriculum is licensed CC BY-SA 3.0. Notice: The Idaho Falls Public Library may adapt curriculum materials to meet local needs and circumstances. For details, ask your instructor.