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Build a Better World

Summer Reading at the Idaho Falls Public Library begins on June 5, 2017.

Build a Better World Idaho Falls Public Library Summer Reading


Kids, you can sign up for our 2017 summer reading program starting June 5. Sign up at the children’s desk on the first floor of the library.

The goal of summer reading is to set weekly reading goals, then achieve those goals and earn prizes at the library. When you set your goals, show them to a parent or another adult. This grown up will help you decide if your goals are too hard, too easy, or just right.

Once your goals are set, start reading!

Record each weekly reading goal that you achieve on your summer reading log. Then bring your reading log to the library on your next visit. Our librarians will have prizes waiting for you and will add Book Bucks points to your reading log.

What are the prizes? The prizes are coupons from our summer reading sponsors.

What are Book Bucks? They are points you can use to buy toys, candy, and books from our summer reading store. And guess what? If you keep reading all summer, the number of Book Bucks you get each week goes up. Here’s how it works:

  • In weeks 1-3, you earn 5 Book Bucks for each goal you reach
  • In weeks 4-6, you earn 10 Book Bucks for each goal
  • In weeks 7-9, you earn 15 Book Bucks
  • And in week 10, you can earn $20 Book Bucks if you reach your last reading goal

Plus, if you keep reading all summer, starting in August you can also earn entries for our grand prize drawings. What does that mean? It means “hang in there” and keep reading all summer. The prizes get better the longer you read!

Program Details

Prize coupons are only available to junior patrons ages 2-12. Kids cannot claim early or extra prizes by reading ahead of their weekly goals. Parents and adults, if your junior readers are consistently reading ahead of their goals, encourage them to revise their goals and stretch themselves.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the library every week to pick up prizes. On your next visit, you can pick up the prizes earned since your last visit.

To sign up, visit the children’s desk at the Idaho Falls Public Library.

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Summer Reading is returning to the Idaho Falls Public Library. Teens, ages 13-17, are invited to sign up for our Teen Summer Reading program. Sign up at our 3rd floor desk.

But wait! There are a few changes this year. This is how the teen program will work:

  • When you sign up for summer reading, you’ll receive a reading log.
  • Earn Book Bucks by reading, visiting the library, attending programs, completing book reviews, reading from different genres, and even for volunteering at the library.
  • New this year: Spend your Book Bucks throughout the summer in our new Prizes on Demand (POD) store. The store will have googies and gadgets available all summer long.
  • Note that if you keep reading all summer, your earning power increases:
    • Read 5 books, earn 10 Book Bucks
    • Read another 5 books (10 total), earn 20 Book Bucks
    • Read a total of 15 and you earn 30 Book Bucks
    • A total of 20 earns you 40 Book Bucks
    • And 30 earns 50 Book Bucks
    • And 40 earns you 60 Book Bucks
    • That’s 210 Book Bucks just for reading books
  • And on top of that, you can earn another 100 Book Bucks for visiting the library each week during the summer.
  • And you can earn another 120 Book Bucks for reading from 12 different genres.
  • Oh, and you’ll want to know that the auction is scheduled for August 26 at 6:30pm.

Wait a minute … you’re not sure what the auction is? Well, you must be new to the program (that’s awesome, by the way). The auction is our end-of-summer party where you get to blow all your Book Bucks on stuff and goodies. The stuff is cool. It comes from our sponsors. The goodies are goodies. They need no introduction.

So what if you earn more Book Bucks than you can spend at the auction? Easy peasy … spend them at the POD store during the summer. And what if you can’t attend the auction? Easy peasy nice and cheesy … blow them all on stuff and goodies in the POD store.

Don’t try to hold onto any Book Bucks. They are just credits and they expire after the auction. So, in other words, stay calm and spend on.

Program Details

In this program, teens may count any book they feel is appropriate for their age, reading level, and interests. Magazines and newspapers do not count. Audiobooks only count if the reader follows along in the print version of the book. The deadline for claiming Book Buck credits is August 25 at 6:00pm. The teen auction is scheduled for August 26 at 6:30pm on the north lawn of the library. To claim Book Buck credits, visit the summer reading table on the third floor of the library. Book Bucks are not bills or a type of currency, but are credits tracked in a passbook (don’t lose this booklet!). You may not combine Book Bucks with another person. The maximum bid on any given item at the auction is 400 Book Bucks. In the event of a tie bid on popular items, the winner will be chosen by drawing names.

If you have additional questions about the summer reading program, ask a librarian on your next visit to the library.

Idaho Falls Public Library Summer Reading Logo


Summer Reading at the Idaho Falls Public Library will begin on June 5, 2017. Visit the 3rd floor reference desk to sign up and pick up your summer reading log.

Read or listen to any book you want (in whatever format). Record the the book information on your reading log. Staff at the summer reading table on the 3rd floor will update your log each time you visit the library and give you entry tickets for our weekly prize and grand prize drawings. These are the prize drawings. There will be 25 winners each week:

  • June 5-10 – Book and sportsack
  • June 12-17 – IFPL t-shirt
  • June 19-24 – IFPL insulated cup
  • June 26-July 1 – IFPL book bag
  • July 3-8 – $10 Great Harvest gift card
  • July 10-15 – Book and sportsack
  • July 17-22 – IFPL t-shirt
  • July 24-29 – IFPL insulated cup
  • July 31-August 5 – IFPL book bag
  • August 7-12 – $10 Orange Leaf gift card

And the grand prize drawing? Yep, it’s back. Each week we’ll give our grand prize winner a $50 gift card to the Snake Bite Restaurant. Drawings will happen the Monday following the dates listed above. All prizes must be claimed by August 25 at 6:00pm.

Summer sun … lots of books … happy reading, friends!

Idaho Falls Public Library Summer Reading Logo

Summer Reading Sponsors

The Idaho Falls Library offers a very special thank you to our local summer reading sponsors. These local businesses and organizations believe in the power of reading. Thank you!

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