Library Cards

For complete information about Idaho Falls Public Library cards/accounts, please read our circulation policy.

IFPL Circulation Policy

For a quick summary of library account guidelines, including OverDrive access and signing up for a new library card, please read the information below.

Please note: Any updates to the official circulation policy supersede content on this page.

New Library Cards

To sign up for an Idaho Falls Public Library card, you will need identification issued by the State of Idaho (e.g., driver’s license or identification card). Also, if your identification doesn’t list your current address, you will also need proof of residency.
To prove local residency, bring recently postmarked mail (within the past 90 days), a checkbook register, a car registration slip, or a paycheck stub (printed by your employer). Your documentation must show your name and current address.

Please note: The library does NOT accept rental agreements as proof of residency. The library does NOT accept school cards or foreign consulate cards as identification.

If you do not have an Idaho driver’s license or ID card, you may substitute a current United States passport. If you have an out-of-state driver’s license, you can still sign up for a temporary library card while you go through the process of establishing residency. Temporary library cards have a 2-item borrowing limit.

Our library issues new library cards at our second floor desk. Cards are free for anyone living within Bonneville County or a city within the county. Out-of-county patrons pay $62.54 annually (per household) for their library cards.

Do you want do get a library card for a child? Junior cards are available to patrons under age 18 if an adult with an IFPL card comes to the library and requests the junior card. This adult will be responsible for activity (including the account balance) on the junior card. The responsible adult may, at any time, request his/her junior cards be cancelled.

Minors, ages 16-17, may sign up for a library card without a responsible adult if they provide identification and, if required, proof of residency.
For additional details about library cards, including cards for Idaho Falls property owners and active duty military stationed in Bonneville County, please refer to our circulation policy.

Getting Started

The first step in signing up for a library card is to register for a new account.

Create New Account

The next step is to bring your identification and proof of residency (if required) to the second floor desk at the library.

  Directions to the library

  Map of the library layout

Card Holder Agreement

In signing your library card, you accept responsibility for all the items checked out on that card. It is your duty to report the loss or theft of your card to library staff as soon as possible in order to prevent unauthorized use of that card. If your card is lost or damaged, you can ask for a replacement card free of charge.

To request a replacement card, bring your ID to our library’s second floor desk.

Check Out Limits

IFPL card holders can borrow up to 50 items at a time. Some new books check out for 7 or 14 days; all other books check out for 3 weeks. Movies check out for 1 week. Please print and retain check out receipts so you remember your due dates.

Borrowers with temporary cards are limited to 2 items at a time. If you have a temporary card, ask staff to teach you how to fully return your items so you can check out again without delay.

Fines and Notifications

Fines are 10¢ per item per day. Borrowing privileges will be suspended if your fines reach $12.50 or more.

Can’t bring your books back on time? Avoid fines by renewing your books.

The library can send you a courtesy phone call, text message, and/or email when you have books due or available holds. To set up notifications, visit one of our library desks.

Place a Book on Hold

Most items in the library can be requested. If you request an item and another patron currently has it checked out, it will be held for you once it is returned. Holds are processed in the order they are received and will be available for pick up for one week on the second floor of the library.

Place a Hold

Renew Books

Most items at the Idaho Falls Public Library can be renewed up to 3 times after the original check out. You may renew items in person at the library or online through your library account. You can also renew books through our automated phone system at (208) 612-8198 or simply by speaking with staff at (208) 612-8460.

You won’t be able to renew a book if another patron has placed it on hold.

Temporary Cards

If you have an out-of-state driver’s license and proof of local residency, you may sign up for a temporary card while you establish residency in Idaho. Once you have an Idaho driver’s license, present it at a library desk and staff will remove the temporary status from your account. While you are a temporary borrower, you will be limited to checking out 2 items at a time.

Any accounts on a payment plan will also be set to temporary status until the account balance reaches $12.50 or less.


Residents of Bonneville County can check out e-books and audiobooks through our OverDrive collection. (We’re sorry, this resource is not available to out-of-county patrons.)

These resources are available through any computer or mobile device. Library staff are available to help you learn to use these services.

OverDrive Instructions

Looking for the instruction sheet we have in the library? Click the button above to download the instructions.

OverDrive Problems

If you have recently lost access to your OverDrive account, one of several things could be the problem:

Did you recently start paying for a non-resident library card? If so, you will not be able to use OverDrive in the future (this is a restriction from OverDrive).

Have you tried to log into your library account? If you are unable to log into your account, then it has likely expired and needs to be renewed. To renew your account, visit or call the library or use the contact form below. (And don’t worry, all accounts now expire every few years, even if they are heavily used.)

Did you return items late? You might lose access to OverDrive and your library account if you owe more than $12.50 in fines and fees.

If you are able to log into the IFPL OverDrive page (and search for books), but you aren’t able to download or view books, the problem is not with your account. Please visit the third floor reference desk for help troubleshooting the problem.

Expired Library Cards

Are you no longer able to access your online library account or download titles from OverDrive? The most likely reason is that your account has expired. To update your account, visit or call the library or use this Google Form.

Please note: Other factors such as excessive fines may prevent you from accessing your library account. If you submit your information below and staff find another problem with your account, they will attempt to contact you to resolve the problem.