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Book Club in a Bag Voting

Help us choose our new 2018 sets

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The nomination period for our 2018 Book Club in a Bag set has now closed. Thank you to all who submitted nominations. Now it is time to vote. During the month of October you may cast your vote for our next 10 Book Club in a Bag sets.

Voting Instructions

The voting process is simple:

  1. Download the paper ballot and look over the books that have been nominated. Not familiar with all of the nominations? We’ve included a brief synopsis of each book.
  2. Vote for 10 books total. One ballot per patron … that’s right, voting is only open to library patrons.
Online Ballot

Yep! It’s that simple … so … what are you waiting for? Open the online ballot to get started.

The Fine Print

In case you have questions about the voting process, we prepared a few paragraphs of fine print. You don’t have to read this. If you have questions, though, it might help.

Nominations on this year’s ballot came from library patrons and staff. If you nominated a title that isn’t on the ballot, your nomination was either late or the book won’t be available in paperback by the end of this year. #maybenexttime

The 2018 Book Club in a Bag sets will be available for check out by January 15, 2018. We’ll announce the winners once the voting closes … so, sometime in November.

Are these books clean? Well, that’s a tough question to answer. Everyone has different notions of what clean means. There are several resources you can consult to determine if a book is right for you. Ask our librarians. They can give you a list of these resources.

And now the fine print on the actual Book Club in a Bag (BCIB) sets. First, you can’t request them. If you happen upon the set at the library, you are welcome to check it out. And speaking of check out, you can only check the sets out/in at the third floor desk of the Idaho Falls library. Please don’t put them into the book drop or leave them with anyone else.

When you check out a set, your club will get it for 6 weeks. Sorry, no renewals. How does check out work? Send one person from your book club to pick up the set. This person is financially responsible for the set. If someone else in the club loses or damages a book, this person arranges and follows through on the payment for the book.

And finally, the sets may only be checked out as sets. No snagging single copies. If you have any other questions, please call our third floor reference desk at (208) 612-8462.

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