Book Club in a Bag Voting

Voting is now closed. Once available, we will post the results of the vote on this page. picture of the new book club bags

Our 2017 Book Club collection will come in a large canvas bag like this one. We are excited to bring this new collection to you!


When will the new sets be available for check out?
The 2017 sets will be ready for check out by January 16, 2017.

Are these books “clean”?
Well, that can be a tough question to answer. There are resources you can consult to determine if the title is right for your book club. We are happy to give you a list of resources to help you select a title.

Where can I get more information?
Call the third floor reference desk at the Idaho Falls Public Library at (208) 612-8462.


In case you are new to our Book Club in a Box/Bag (BCIB) program, here are important details to know about these sets.

  • Our BCIB sets are available on the 3rd floor of the library.
  • We have been offering these sets for several years, adding 10 new titles each year. Click here to download a list of our complete BCIB collection.
  • Sets cannot be put on request/hold.
  • Sets must be checked out and checked in at the 3rd floor reference desk. Please don’t return them to the book drop or any other library desks.
  • To check out a set, send one person from your book club to pick it up. This person will be responsible for returning the set. Members of your book club should return their copies to this person.
  • Sets check out for no more than 6 weeks. They cannot be renewed.
  • If a book is missing from the set, the person who checked out the set will be financially responsible to the library for the missing book.
  • The sets are intended for book clubs and are only available as a set. We have individual copies of each BCIB title for individual readers.